Schedule Management

Particularly, major projects involve participants from different disciplines and different countries, which makes scheduling even more challenging. Besides scheduling and schedule controlling, management tasks become more and more important.

Planning strategyWe design targets, the course of action needed to realize a certain plan, the documentation, reporting, and levels of escalation and coordinate them with the customer. This includes choosing the right planning tools, interfaces and major milestones.

Team leadershipBased on a specific task, we develop the planning processes, identify the capacities needed, and support the staff selection. During the course of the project, we adjust and develop the team according to the requirements.

CommuniCationWe are always the first person to contact in all matters concerning the schedule. We are the project leader’s co-pilot. We coordinate all information related to the schedule with the participants, including customers, authorities, ARGE partners, consortium partners, suppliers, and third parties.