We offer all relevant services in the field of scheduling, and schedule controlling. This includes scheduling, regularly tracking schedules, comparison of actual performance with targets, deviation analyses, and planning of corrective measures. Our aim is to detect deviations in the project schedule at an early stage and take measures to meet contract deadlines.

SchedulingThis includes creating contractual time schedules on the basis of relevant data as well as creating framework and detailed schedules in accordance with calculable, schedulable, and controllable transactions. All time schedules are made with MS Project, or Primavera using network technology. They are presented as bar charts, or time-distance-diagrams for between-station structures. If necessary, we provide additional views and filters. Afterwards, we coordinate the schedules with parties involved in the project until the baseline is finally accepted and established. By request, we will also present the schedule to stakeholders and customers.

Schedule trackingOne of the main tasks is to make sure the time schedule is met. Depending on the project phase and the criticality, we are tracking on regular basis weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly at fixed status dates, and analyze the actual status as well as the prognosis for all activities according to baseline to re-calculate the schedule and compare it with the target. The results are used as a basis for possible corrective measures. All results will be coordinated with the project management.

Schedule controllingBased on the previous analysis of schedule deviations and their impact on contractual deadlines, we will plan and agree on corrective measures with the disciplines/trades in question to meet the contractual targets. The observance and efficiency of these corrective measures will be examined in the context of regular checks, and more frequently, if required.

Claim managementIn order to support claim management, we keep track of all relevant deviations and interferences related to the schedule. Additionally, we identify the implications on the project and the contractual deadlines, and present them in target-1-target-2-actual-comparisons. We calculate the construction and project time extensions caused by the interferences.

Evaluation of supplementsAdditional or changed services requested by the customer may have repercussions on the schedule. Just like the price, they need to be negotiated with the customer before execution. We identify their effect on the schedule based on the bill of quantities and the exact project status and provide a basis for negotiation with the customer.

Payment planBased on the schedule and cost planning, we establish a cash outflow and payment plan.