Expert assessments

Most projects don’t run smoothly from the beginning until the end. Customers who ask for changes, missing permits, planning mistakes, delays, and unavailable resources lead to disruptions in the project and delays in the schedule. In order to compensate claims, you need to document the causes and identify the delays and financial consequences. We identify und document for you time-related project disruptions, and assemble the results in an expert assessment if required.

Identification and documentation of project disruptionsBased on the contractual agreements regarding the dates and the contractual schedules, we design a calculable target schedule.
On the basis of the disruptions, i.e. delayed permits, provisions, clients’ decisions, performance by third parties, or weather effects, and additional services, the temporal impacts of each case on the target schedule are identified. The target plan is updated based on these results. At the end, the contractual target is juxtaposed with the target modified by the disturbance, and the actual status to calculate the overall construction extension claim.

Assessments on project disruptionsBased on the identification and documentation of the project disruptions, we describe the contractual framework, causes and results. We also calculate the additional costs, such as costs from additional overheads, extra expenses due to weather effects, decreases in productivity etc. The results, including all documents, will be summarized in an expert assessment.